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The full range of ICDP insights

The full range of ICDP insights

What we produce

The public part of our web site is the tip of the iceberg of the insights that icdp generates

Members of our collaborative research programmes have access to a comprehensive library of many of the outputs we have produced since 1994.

Our publications come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from full Research Reports, through Management Briefings and Discussion Papers, to short and snappy Executive Briefings. Presentation slide material from our main Member Meetings, Workshops and Webinars is also available, and from 2013 onwards, many of these also contain speaking notes to provide more detail.

Executive Briefings, plus a selection of other outputs, are freely available, and many of the other types of output are available to buy once their member embargo period has ended. If you are interested, please contact us.

Our Publications Catalogue provides a comprehensive guide to what we have available, including a list of all the meetings/workshops/seminars/webinars we have held over the years.

ICDP publications catalogue