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China is now by far the largest car market globally, but high growth rates and bumper profits have come to an end, and all players and potential new entrants in the Chinese market have to face new realities. ICDP has been active in China for over ten years through collaborative research and client-specific consulting studies. Through that we have established proven relationships with local Chinese partners and a broad network of contacts within the industry.

The tougher conditions of the last three years have seen fortunes change for both Chinese and foreign players, forcing or enabling them to rethink their strategies in China for the foreign players, and both domestically and in international markets for the Chinese players. In most cases this is simply a transition towards what elsewhere might be considered a “normal” trading environment. Participation in the market no longer guarantees high growth and high profits. The business model has to be appropriate, and competition is tougher. Management need to have the skills and knowledge to exploit all revenue opportunities whilst keeping a closer eye on costs that in the past. Chinese players – OEMs, dealers and e-commerce firms – are starting to look at where growth could be achieved outside of China. In this environment, working with a partner like ICDP who has real insights into the Chinese and international markets provides the knowledge base to identify gaps and develop more robust plans.

Our knowledge and experience covers consumer behaviour, dealer attitudes and expectations at investor and management level and repairer behaviour and expectations. We understand the channel structures for new and used cars and aftersales, and the role that e-commerce and IT play in channels and business management. We follow developments in mobility, EVs and other megatrends, as we do in other markets.

Some of our research (in English and Chinese) can be accessed through our ICDP China Publications Catalogue available below, with publications available on request from the Project Office.

To discuss research and consulting requirements, please contact icdpchina@icdp.net.

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