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For many companies, simply having the idea of a new strategy, or the recognition of business issues that need to be addressed, is not enough. They need additional expert resources to work with their own employees to help develop business cases, turn concepts into reality, improve performance and transfer knowledge. Many organisations and individuals offer consultancy services to the automotive industry, but often they lack real industry knowledge and insight, or are applying the same solution to multiple clients without regard to fit and the need for competitive advantage.

Whilst research remains at the core of what ICDP does, we recognise that many companies need more than general insights. For them, ICDP is pleased to offer a full range of consulting services, which taking our research knowledge as a base, can help a client to develop new strategies, evaluate existing businesses, improve existing operations and implement new practices. We work with client teams, and on occasions with other consultancy organisations, in order to provide the expert input, and to transfer our research from the 'lab' to the real world.

We offer teams who blend in-depth industry knowledge from both operational and research perspectives, with proven consulting skills. They understand the culture, language and processes of the industry – but also challenge the status quo, based on previous experience and internal and external benchmarks. We can assemble teams for anything from a dealer performance improvement project in a few locations, to a global strategy project requiring teams on the ground in multiple markets.

Projects cover the same scope as our research programme – sales and aftersales, manufacturers, importers, dealers, independent service providers, and providers of services to the sector. For examples of some of the work we have been involved in, see the case studies page. We have also published a short briefing on our background and qualifications for legal disputes.

If you wish to find out more about our consultancy services, please contact us. All enquiries will be treated in confidence and we are happy to produce references if required.

ICDP’s consultancy case studies