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Education and training

Education and training

Education and training


This initiative aims to broaden the access and use of the extensive archive of ICDP experience and research material, and to enhance the skills of those taking on roles in key automotive distribution functions, by cascading insight, skills and learning into teaching. Through a mixture of interactive learning, tasks and simulation, the courses deliver core understanding and skills in specific areas, generating both valuable resources for business change and career progression for individuals. Managers attending the short courses will benefit from a closed environment and a focus on tangible and applied aspects of specific topics.

We offer several standalone two-day courses that we will run for your team. In addition, we are also open to adapting our content to your specific needs, and developing a bespoke in-house course.

We have delivered two-day courses in the following areas:

Two-day course 1: ICDP new vehicle supply strategy short course

Improving customer service and profitability through new vehicle supply, an in-depth overview which covers strategies and skills for managers working in new vehicle supply, based on over twenty years of research and consultancy expertise from ICDP in this area.

Two-day course 2: ICDP introductory course to the automotive distribution aftermarket

This course delivers an overview of automotive distribution for managers moving into aftersales strategy and planning roles in both the franchised and independent sector. Based on ICDP research and consultancy in this area, the course covers the trends, opportunities and challenges facing parts and aftersales service channels.

Two-day course 3: Enhancing analytical skills in automotive strategy and planning

Based on our own ICDP skills and capabilities, this course is designed to develop managers working in automotive distribution, and the course and examples can be tailored to match the business area and skills that you are looking to enhance.

All the above are classroom based, and can be interspersed with an assignment based assessment. We are interested in responding to member interest and requirements, so if you would like to discuss what we can offer please contact us.