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A recent article in Automotive News highlighted one of the downsides of the everything-connected world of omni-channel retailing; that when something goes wrong in one place, its impacts are felt throughout the network and across a range of partners.

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Used Car Retailing: No More Silos Anymore

An opinion paper has just been published that unveils some controversial views on where used car retailing is going in the UK. In reaching its conclusions, the paper, entitled No More Silos Anymore, reviewed the latest consumer research, benchmarked leading UK used car websites, and analysed developments underway in the US.

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Used vehiclesJane Trace
20 years on - Freeway, crossroads or cul-de-sac - The crisis of personal mobility - a dream (or nightmare) come true?

In 1999 I (Peter Bailey) completed my M Phil thesis which, as well as providing a social history of the car and its industry, attempted to create a 20-20 vision for the industry and its internal and external environment. This was quite a job! I recently re-read this weighty tome, and was surprised to see just how close to current reality it was.

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On 20th February 2019 the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority issued a ruling against carwow, an e-commerce platform that connects new car buyers with dealers willing to sell them cars at discounted prices …

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