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About ICDP

About ICDP

ICDP is an international research and strategy organisation specialising in automotive retailing and after-sales.  With a dedicated team of researchers and advisors throughout Europe, and strong partnerships around the world, ICDP is recognised as the leading authority in its field, with a proven track record of expertise in the provision of information, data, analysis and implementation support to vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers, suppliers, service providers, and trade associations.



For over 20 years, our collaborative programmes have provided thought leadership in how the automotive sales and aftersales model can be transformed to deliver benefits to players right across the industry, and also to customers. Our programmes provide an authoritative and trusted view on the future prospects for the sector and what this means for the different players operating within it.



ICDP offers a distinctive and proven alternative to the traditional major firms, and we have worked on a range of topics including European network strategy, market entry planning, supply chain and aftermarket modelling, parts distribution strategy, dealer process improvement, regulatory advice, and expert witnessing.

data services

We publish the European Car Distribution Handbook, the definitive comprehensive guide to the franchised sales and service networks of all significant car brands across 36 European markets


education and training

We offer both open and internal courses to broaden the access to our archive of automotive research material, and to enhance the skills of those taking on roles in key automotive distribution, retailing, or aftersales functions, by cascading insight, skills and learning into teaching.