Executive Briefing 02/19 Dealer Group Concentration/Consolidation

Peter Bailey

Publication Number: Executive Briefing 02/19

Author: Peter Bailey

Date: January 22, 2019

Tags: Dealers

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Over many years we have witnessed increasing dealer group consolidation in the UK which has made its franchised networks the most concentrated large market in Europe, if not the world, with only Russia being comparable to our knowledge.  This trend is echoed to some extent in other European and global markets, but given the concentration in the UK, by comparison with other EU5 markets, or China or the US, it is interesting to consider whether this represents a model that will be replicated in time elsewhere or is specific to the UK for geographic or cultural reasons.
We have looked a little closer into recent merger and acquisition transactions to see the development and strategies of takeover in UK networks and three other European markets and how these changes in ownership may develop in the future.

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