Webinar: Role of franchised dealers in European tyre distribution

Christophe Guillaneuf

Publication Number: Webinar

Author: Christophe Guillaneuf

Date: May 23, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Used vehicles, Parts, Aftersales, Dealers, Presentations

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Franchised dealers have lost share in the tyre business as the result of strong pressure from the tyre chains and independents. However, each customer lost to a tyre chain potentially becomes a customer lost for routine servicing and repairs as well.  OEMs are trying to encourage and support their dealer networks to improve their tyre offer through programmes that provide financial incentives and marketing and training support.  In this webinar, we provided an overview of the overall tyre market in the EU-5 markets, and how OEM tyre programmes are structured to incentivise and support dealers.  We highlighted differences between the four Continental markets and the UK due to differences in tyre distribution channels and the structure of franchised dealer networks.  Key points included:
  • Franchised dealer share of the tyre market
  • OEM programmes – key elements and national differences
  • Objectives of OEM programmes – OEM and dealer perspective
  • Franchised dealer performance
  • Opportunities for OEMs and dealers
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