ICDP Spring Meeting 2018 Presentations


Author: ICDP

Date: March 14, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Used vehicles, Parts, Aftersales, Automotive regulation, Dealers, Channel strategy, Customer insight, Mobility trends, Presentations

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The presentations shown at the Spring Meeting "Building Future Automotive" were limited to 10-15 slides, however these downloads include more data and information.  Speaking notes are included for most slides where appropriate.

We have divided these into topics, so please follow the LINK to download each presentation:

Meeting agenda LINK

Aftermarket digital customer LINK

Aftermarket impact of technology LINK

IAM trends LINK

Aftermarket competition issues LINK

New car digital customer LINK

NSC and importer role LINK

Dealer groups update LINK

Used cars effectiveness LINK

Third party platforms LINK

Guest speaker: Brian Coleman, MotorK LINK

NVS, margins and bonus LINK

Online channels legal update LINK

Mobility issues LINK

Guest speaker: Paulin Dementhon, DRIVY LINK