European Car Distribution Handbook 2017


Publication Number: 2017 edition

Author: Steve Young and Gareth Arnould

Date: January 01, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Dealers

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The European Car Distribution Handbook provides a unique resource to anyone with an interest in the size and shape of franchised dealer networks across Europe.  The report includes data on the name and status of sales companies, the number of contracts and the number of outlets and their function, split between sales and aftersales networks for a total of 36 brands in 36 European markets. 

This is the seventh edition of the handbook published by ICDP since 2012, and continues in the vein of other editions with continued improvement in the quality of data contained within.  Once again, we have maintained the established and familiar format, and have continued reviewing historical data to identify and correct errors, so users may therefore find that historical data from earlier years in this report differs from that in previous reports – we are confident that these retrospective amendments provide a more accurate picture.