2017-18 Research Programme: Building Future Automotive


Author: ICDP

Date: December 13, 2016

Tags: New vehicles, Used vehicles, Parts, Aftersales, Automotive regulation, Dealers, Channel strategy, Customer insight, Mobility trends

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ICDP 2017-2018 European programme outline

The pace of innovation and change in the automotive retail and aftersales sector is accelerating

  • The customer journey is being transformed by digital channels
  • New in-car technologies, especially electrification, connectivity, and the prospect of autonomous driving, are changing the nature of the product and its aftersales needs
  • Urbanisation, integrated transport planning, flexible finance, and the sharing economy are challenging the traditional notion of individual car ‘ownership’
  • New outlet formats, online platforms, and third party ‘disruptors’ are undermining usual dealer revenue sources and contributing to a shift in their role
  • The retention battle between franchised and independent aftermarket players is building against a backdrop of declining demand
  • Spare parts distribution channels are continuing to consolidate in both the OEM and independent worlds.

In the emerging omni-channel environment, success, or even survival, will depend on players making the correct strategic response

  • Understanding the nature and implications of trends and changes observable both within and outside the automotive sector
  • Assimilating research and data to explore strategic scenarios and options
  • Building an integrated vision of the future, and a plan for implementation and transition.

ICDP’s collaborative research programme provides an authoritative and trusted view, and the tools to help the sector face change

  • For over 20 years, ICDP has been a thought leader in how the automotive sales and aftersales model can be transformed to deliver benefits to the industry and its customers
  • We deliver in-depth research-backed actionable insight into the future prospects for the sector and what this means for the different players operating within it
  • Participation in ICDP’s programme is an investment in your future – the operating investments and revenue risks facing businesses are many times the scale of our membership fees.

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