ICDP Research Programme 2019-2020 Outline


Publication Number: Research Outline 2019-2020

Author: ICDP

Date: December 10, 2018

Tags: New vehicles, Used vehicles, Parts, Aftersales, Automotive regulation, Dealers, Channel strategy, Customer insight, Mobility trends

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Planning for change - responding to realities

The pace of innovation and change in the automotive retail and aftersales sector continues to accelerate, challenging current networks, relationships, offers, and revenue sources:

  • Attitudes to, and expectations of vehicle ownership are changing
  • Retail channels are reshaping, and online channels are becoming ever more pervasive
  • The evolving repair, maintenance and in-use support needs of vehicles are challenging current business models
  • Technology is moving fast, and regulation will redefine what and how we drive.
But at the same time, we live in a world where, increasingly, myth and rumour run faster than reality, fuelling expectations that may or may not be achievable, or realistic. In this environment, the sector faces a three-fold challenge to dispel the myths, to prepare the ground for future changes, but at the same time to respond to the many real pressures of today’s business:
  • Understanding the true nature and implications of trends and changes observable both within and outside the automotive sector
  • Assimilating these trends and determining how these might apply to individual sectors and businesses as they evaluate strategic scenarios and options
  • Building an integrated vision of the future, and a plan for implementation and transition.
ICDP’s 2019-2020 European research programme will provide an authoritative and trusted view, plus the tools to help the sector face change.
Our programme theme for 2019-2020 encompasses four key questions that we plan to address, and which we will progressively break down into specific topics, workplans, and a schedule of outputs.
  • What are customers looking for?
  • Are the appropriate channels emerging?
  • How are barriers and enablers being addressed?
  • How will products and services be supported?
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