European Car Distribution Handbook 2013


Publication Number: 2013 edition

Author: Steve Young and Gareth Arnould

Date: November 06, 2013

Tags: New vehicles, Dealers

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This is the third edition of the European Car Distribution Handbook published by ICDP since we acquired the publishing rights in November 2012, and brings the series uptodate.  We have maintained the established format, but continued to work on the data quality, not just for the current year, but also working backwards over the previous three years to improve the accuracy of trend comparisons.  We also spoke to a number of manufacturers for qualitative input on their network plans, which have informed our comments on trends.

The data in this edition of the European Car Distribution handbook refers to network position as at January 1st 2013 .  In those markets where network and sales data is not provided, it is our understanding that there was no authorised distribution for that brand in that market in the year to January 1st 2013.

The 2013 edition of the European Car Distribution Handbook continues tracking the same brands as the previous edition.  Changes compared to the 2011 edition of the European Car Distribution Handbook include the dropping of Daihatsu and SAAB, the inclusion of Infiniti and MG and the split of Chrysler into Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.  Trend data for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep up to 2010 represents the combined Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep franchises, whilst data from 2011 onwards shows the brands individually.

The markets included in this edition are unchanged from the most recent editions, and include Russia and Turkey as two highly significant growth markets.  Markets have been grouped as before into three clusters – (i) European Union, (ii) Western Europe and (iii) Central and Eastern Europe, as shown in the tables below.  These clusters are not mutually exclusive, so for example markets can be in EU and Central/Eastern Europe, or in Western Europe, but not EU.

ECDH Summary Slides
This edition also includes some summary slides of the main outcomes: these are appended at the end of ECDH 2013.