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Consumer survey webinar

The current state of car ownership

There is significant hype around potential changes in how customers may ‘own’ and access cars in the future, but often little is said about the current state of car ownership. Whilst there have been changes in how drivers may finance new cars, and an increase in leasing style products, there has been little change in the actual experience of vehicle ownership for a number of decades. Understanding this current state of ownership – what customers are looking for, how they feel about current experiences, and how much they understand about ownership costs – will be a key requirement to accurately assess and plan future strategic developments around car ownership.

In this short webinar we will continue delving into the latest results from our 2019 consumer survey, looking at a range of topics that highlight the current customer ownership experience:

  • What customers want from car ownership

  • How customers feel about their car ownership experiences

  • Customer understanding of the cost of owning a car

Serving as an introduction into this topic, we will follow up on ownership at our Autumn Meeting, where we will look to the future at customer attitudes towards changing ownership paradigms.

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