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Emerging MaaS models webinar

Emerging MaaS models

We have laid out our ‘5 levels of mobility’ to explain the evolution of Mobility as a Service. MaaS has emerged as mobility bundles expand to become a platform for multiple service providers. These platforms aim to help consumers trade off price per mile with convenience, as they do today, but with real-time and comparable data on pricing, availability and service.

  • Why do mobility service providers want to expand their offer?

  • How does car use fit within these platforms and what is the role for carmakers and others within automotive distribution?

  • Will fleets be the logical test beds for ingredients of mobility service solutions?

  • What are the barriers to growth for these platforms and services?

  • If a successful platform managed to become a natural mobility ‘one-stop shop’, what would this mean for customers, providers and regulators? 

This webinar explored these questions and more broadly examined the growth of these platforms, the business models that underpin them, and their ambitions for future growth.

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