Research programme Europe 2019-2020

Planning for change - responding to realities

The pace of innovation and change in the automotive retail and aftersales sector continues to accelerate, challenging current networks, relationships, offers, and revenue sources:

  • Attitudes to, and expectations of vehicle ownership are changing
  • Retail channels are reshaping, and online channels are becoming ever more pervasive
  • The evolving repair, maintenance and in-use support needs of vehicles are challenging current business models
  • Technology is moving fast, and regulation will redefine what and how we drive.
But at the same time, we live in a world where, increasingly, myth and rumour run faster than reality, fuelling expectations that may or may not be achievable, or realistic. In this environment, the sector faces a three-fold challenge to dispel the myths, to prepare the ground for future changes, but at the same time to respond to the many real pressures of today’s business:
  • Understanding the true nature and implications of trends and changes observable both within and outside the automotive sector
  • Assimilating these trends and determining how these might apply to individual sectors and businesses as they evaluate strategic scenarios and options
  • Building an integrated vision of the future, and a plan for implementation and transition.
ICDP’s 2019-2020 European research programme will provide an authoritative and trusted view, plus the tools to help the sector face change.
Our programme theme for 2019-2020 encompasses four key questions that we plan to address, and which we will progressively break down into specific topics, workplans, and a schedule of outputs.
  • What are customers looking for?
  • Are the appropriate channels emerging?
  • How are barriers and enablers being addressed?
  • How will products and services be supported?
Please download:
  • Programme outline HERE
  • Webinar presentation with speaking notes HERE
ICDP's collaborative research programmes around the world cover all aspects of vehicle distribution, including sales and supply, networks and operations, aftermarket parts and service, new technology, and regulation.

We work together with member organisations from across the sector to help improve both the quality and the effectiveness of the distribution model.
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