ICDP around the world

Alongside our dedicated Europe and China research programmes, ICDP has a network of clients, advisors, and researchers right around the world.  This enables us not only to derive lessons, report innovations, and analyse best practice from around the world for the benefit of our programme members, it also gives a flexible and scalable resource for conducting global-level investigations and consultancy assignments across the range of topics that we cover.

So, whether your question is dealer groups in Russia, used car channels in the USA, aftermarket trends in India, parts distributors in Central Europe, or franchise laws in Brazil, ICDP can help.

We are also always open to expressions of interest in establishing collaborative research programmes in other regions of the world.

Additional Insight

People And Skills

Dealer Groups in Europe: What changes are needed in people management?

This executive briefing is focused on the current approaches to people management and changes that are required for a successful future.

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Physical or digital? Where will European dealer group CEOs be making their investments?

ICDP’s research has tracked the evolution, performance, and strategies of the largest independent dealer groups across the major European markets for several years.

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