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ICDP Executive Briefings

Executive Briefings - insights from ICDP

Executive Briefings

ICDP’s Executive Briefings - high-level summaries of our insights on the full range of programme topics - are available for all to read and download. If you make use of them in your own material, please remember to attribute ICDP as the source.

Executive Briefings from 2018 and 2017 are also available to download.


Launching into the European market with a ‘clean slate’ network – past approaches and lessons learned

Pascal Haubenreisser EB 05/19

Most OEMs over time have launched in their domestic market, and then expanded their operations over time into additional markets, appointing dealers and hiring staff as they roll out. They also follow an operating model of how vehicles are ordered, funded, stocked and delivered that drives their working capital and profit reporting. In the course of this, they have also created a legacy that can be a barrier to change, extending not only through their own organisation, but also through dealer investors and the expectations and behaviours of their customers.


2018 Guide to the world’s biggest dealer groups

Pascal Haubenreisser EB 04/19

Every year, ICDP tracks the evolution, fortunes, and strategies of the largest independent dealer groups across Europe. This research year, we have extended the scope beyond Europe to take in the largest independent dealer groups across the world, seeking to identify these operations, understand their performance and reveal differences in terms of the business model across markets and continents.


Will automotive third-party platforms consolidate?

Pascal Haubenreisser EB 03/19

Will automotive third-party online platforms follow the path seen in other sectors such as hotel/travel booking and consolidate into a small number of very powerful players?


Dealer group consolidation – a trickle or a flood?

Peter Bailey EB 02/19

Over many years we have witnessed increasing dealer group consolidation in the UK which has made its franchised networks the most concentrated large market in Europe.Is this trend specific to the UK, or are we about to see a wave of mergers and acquisitions amongst continental European dealers?


Large European dealer groups – can they take a leading role in OEMs’ network restructuring?

Pascal Haubenreisser EB 01/19

All OEMs are at some stage in the process of developing new network strategies for an omnichannel world. But does the growth of larger, more capable dealer groups open up new, and potentially more effective options for the future?